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BipFace07_v2 ES, PT, EN, GER, FR, V1 EN, PT, ES, FR, IT, GER DE

designed by elziogp  

See my other watch faces. v2 added lock and DND

5bc75185533d1_17102018 ES 24h,
5bc9f403b1cd7_19102018 ES 12h,
5bcb271ee6d27_20102018 PT 12h,
5bcdf15e4af9d_22102018 PT 24h,
5bd1ef56be96c_25102018 EN 12h, DDMM,
5be44779f0c35_08112018 EN 24h DDMM,
5bfed50a3881f_28112018 EN 12h MMDD,
5c0e8f541a1d4_10122018 EN 24 MMDD,
5c20e702b0185_24122018 GER_DE 24h.
5c2f368eeb026_04012019 GER 12h.
5c3343d985b94_07012019 FR 24h.
5c41b910f19b8_18012019 FR 12h.

5b9be83f4b56e_14092018 EN 12h,
5b9be83f4b634_14092018 EN 24h,
5b9be87fa03f8_14092018 PT 12h,
5b9be87fa0573_14092018 PT 24h,
5ba11b6a40e26_18092018 ES 12h,
5ba11b6a40fdd_18092018 ES 24h,
5ba3d370b7700_20092018 FR 12h,
5ba3d370b781c_20092018 FR 24h,
5ba51cce36c54_21092018 IT 12h,
5ba51cce36dc8_21092018 IT 24h,
5bb8ae18ac711_06102018 GER 12h,
5bb8ae18ac7e3_06102018 GER 24h,
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