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Playstore Amazfit beta app

Hey does the new Amazfit clock face beta app work with the Bip? Anyone have any issues? Can it be used to easily download watch faces to the Bip?...

tsdamore @ 23.03.2019 20:29:55


从现在起,https://amazfitwatchfaces.com这个广受欢迎的华米第三方表盘下载、分享平台,开始支持显示简体中文语言界面啦! 祝大家使用...

TXK @ 23.03.2019 09:10:11

Watchface from Verge to Stratos

Hi guys, New to the forums. I saw this amazing watchface for Verge (机械金属 by GIK-Team ) and i want it to use it with Stratos. I used the converter but some parts of the widgets are not alligned correctly. Is there a way or someone that can ...

Diothorn @ 22.03.2019 18:18:18

Watchface creation

Hello How can we create watchface for Verge ?? Thank you Bonjour, Comment peut-on créer des watchface pour la VERGE ? Merci...

ONEIL @ 21.03.2019 23:37:27

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