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Seiko G757 v7 24H with 24 Dual Time Zones

designed by tylo  

This is a tribute to the legendary SEIKO G757 series, worn by James Bond in Octopussy and Snake in MGSV video game (futuristic version).

V7 CHANGES: Cleaned up design.

You can not change analog time zones on the watch, but rather by installing the watch face with desired time zone/offset. Each face has a time offset from you local time, so it is relative to where you are. Because the analog watch is 12 hours only, each watch face cover two time zone offsets as seen below.

Q: I live in London and want to show the time in New York on the analog dial?
A: New York is 5 hours behind London. Install the watchface with -5 hours offset (as in preview).


5c5b5c9f2f7ec_07022019.bin : analog = digital time
5c5b5c9f2f85a_07022019.bin : analog +0.5/-11.5 hours offset
5c5b5c9f2fc05_07022019.bin : analog +1.0/-11.0 hours offset
5c5b5c9f2fc30_07022019.bin : analog +1.5/-10.5 hours offset
5c5b5c9f2fe11_07022019.bin : analog +2.0/-10.0 hours offset
5c5b5c9f2ff99_07022019.bin : analog +2.5/-9.5 hours offset
5c5b5c9f300ea_07022019.bin : analog +3.0/-9.0 hours offset
5c5b5c9f30110_07022019.bin : analog +3.5/-8.5 hours offset
5c5b5c9f30131_07022019.bin : analog +4.0/-8.0 hours offset
5c5b5c9f3024b_07022019.bin : analog +4.5/-7.5 hours offset
5c5b5c9f30401_07022019.bin : analog +5.0/-7.0 hours offset
5c5b5c9f306e7_07022019.bin : analog +5.5/-6.5 hours offset
5c5b5ce2a0072_07022019.bin : analog +6.0/-6.0 hours offset
5c5b5ce2a03d2_07022019.bin : analog +6.5/-5.5 hours offset
5c5b5ce2a040a_07022019.bin : analog +7.0/-5.0 hours offset
5c5b5ce2a0431_07022019.bin : analog +7.5/-4.5 hours offset
5c5b5ce2a06f2_07022019.bin : analog +8.0/-4.0 hours offset
5c5b5ce2a0769_07022019.bin : analog +8.5/-3.5 hours offset
5c5b5ce2a0a3f_07022019.bin : analog +9.0/-3.0 hours offset
5c5b5ce2a0f2c_07022019.bin : analog +9.5/-2.5 hours offset
5c5b5ce2a0f66_07022019.bin : analog +10.0/-2.0 hours offset
5c5b5ce2a1204_07022019.bin : analog +10.5/-1.5 hours offset
5c5b5ce2a1428_07022019.bin : analog +11.0/-1.0 hours offset
5c5b5ce2a15d0_07022019.bin : analog +11.5/-0.5 hours offset


Bin Seiko G757 James Bond Octopussy Royale

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