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LCARS v3.2 en 24h / 12h

designed by szpeter7  

Original design by SimsalaBip. Edited by Péter Szvoboda.

- Analog clock
- Alarm icon on the top bar
- Do not disturb icon on the top bar
- Steps goal icon on the top bar
- Steps progress bar
- weather text under the weather icon
- 24H / 12H version (AM/PM icon on the left of the middle bar)

- Battery bar (and steps progress bar) is more visible now
- Fake year removed, Month name added
- Bluetooth icon moved to top left corner
- Digital clock dots slightly moved

Original Description:
LCARS style watchface - inspired by Pebble's great watchface "Trek_V3"
(which is still available via

I try my best to make it good looking AND readable

- Time (24h) with leading zero
- Weather (current + day)
- Battery percentage
- Date (DD.MM.YYYY) + Day of the week (at this moment the YYYY is fake because I have no clue how to)
- Status: Bluetooth
- Steps
- Pulse
- Distance
- Calories


minutes hours steps weather battery digital analog step goal icon step goal bar alarm icon do not disturb lcars

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