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Clean (EN/ES/DE/CZ/PL/PT/RU/IT/FR, °C/°F, true 12h/24h, 22 color variations)

designed by SIR  

5bdc8f8e6fb6f_02112018.bin is only one of thousands variations!
UPDATE 2019/01/21: DE watchfaces updated (10560 x Fahrenheit)
UPDATE 2019/01/19: DE watchfaces updated (10560 x Celsius)
UPDATE 2019/01/18: EN watchfaces updated (10560 x Celsius and 10560 x Fahrenheit, green variations, more date formats)
Because of limitations (bin upload only, small file size) you have to download the following file and rename it to .txt file. Open it and there you can find a link and password to access all watchfaces:

Here you can find watchfaces with Celsius and Fahrenheit, true 12h and 24h display, 5 layout variations, 4 fonts, 12 date formats and 22 color variations. 10560 variations 10560 variations 10560 variations 10560 variations 7560 variations, Celsius 2640 variations, Celsius 1320 variations, Celsius 1320 variations, Celsius 1320 variations, Celsius 1320 variations, Celsius 880 variations, Celsius

All 12-h-variations are without leading zero and displays 12:00 instead of 00:00. Maybe the first real 12h-display-watchfaces here?

Here is the description of the directories/filenames:

Layout1/L1-Layout5/L5=Placement variations of the values, L5=L1+rounded backgounds
Font2/F2=Smooth font
Font3/F3=7-Segment-Display with seconds (Note: seconds at watchface drains battery)
Font4/F4=Solid font

cw=cyan background at date/weekday, white background at time
wc=white background at date/weekday, cyan background at time


Bin eng us fahrenheit celsius 12h c f clean km es de ger pl en cz pt ru it fr

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