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Vakarian 24H
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Updated: 14.03.2019 05:55
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By request, 24HR, with no leading zeroes and words as months.

Configured to a simple layout of time/battery/steps/cals, as weather/heartrate and detailed battery are just a swipe away.

Many thanks to BuxtonTheRed for the months-as-words trick

If you'd like color changes or data swaps for the bottom areas, just drop a comment.

v1.1: 5c89d052cb98d_14032019.bin: fixes bug in 5c884b06ab9f8 that was hidden by the web based face editor. Turns out if you have 3 tens-place images but only tell the JSON there are 2, the editor will show the images, the watch won't. Whooops.


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