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Updated: 19.01.2019 19:55
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AM/PM and 24h versions available.

Made this watchface inspired by HTC_GMX_Enhanced, a great theme, I wanted some new shinier icons, and battery in the right hand corner (wich was in turn based on HTC 1/2.0 by Mick).
Added an AM/PM indicator, Alarm, Lock icons and a step goal icon.

v1.1 Changed date to DMY format.
v1.2 moved AM/PM indicator to make it more visible.
v1.3 Added calendar icon as the status bar seemed empty, changed the progress bar, the steps and distance icons.
v1.4 Added battery animated color overlay, darkened the status bar and modified heart, calories and steps icons.
v1.5 Increased Day, Month and Day of the Week font, darkened the calendar and battery icons. Changed SAT/SUN to orange as they were muted against the status bar. Fixed DM coordinates.
v1.6 Small update: M from Monday was modified for a more standardized look.
v1.7 FULL weather icons - recreated a new set from the original source, now every state from the 26 available is a completely different icon.
v1.8 Centered all weather icons (minor update), so they look better and more cohesive. Vertical alignment is still off as it helps recognizing different weather states (won't fix).
v1.9 Redone some icons that needed color adjusting (black on black background was invisible)
v2.0 FINAL: manual rework of weather icons, decided to put them all at same height, snow/rain would be more visible this way.
v2.1 Final +1 ;) Sunny Icon was smaller than the rest. Aligned all Sun icons vertically and horizontally, changed preview image to show different icons.
v2.2 Small changes: Gradient Min/Max, Main Clock. Fixed Tornado icon Y value.
v2.21 Small changes: Changed Min grid color.
v2.22 Added a missing pixel ;)


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