«Huawei GT gears edit ES,EN,GR»

Huawei GT gears edit ES,EN,GR
Watchface language: multilingual
Updated: 17.03.2019 22:32
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Great watchface from Larsen edited .

* 31/12/18 Major update with gears, DND , Pulse , alarm
and date with number for better visibility

* 5 / 1 /19 Minor update with graphical alignments
* 13 /1 /19 New bigger weather icons for visibility and battery icon alignments
* 15/1 /19 New days chrono vew added, greek language added
* 05/2/19 New bigger text on weather
* 17/3/19 Minor alignments

5c1ba4a985b6c_20122018.bin old version NO GEARS
5c3053b0351cc_05012019.bin new version WITH GEARS
5c3de143ef765_15012019 new bigger weather icons WITH GEARS GREEK
5c599581d2afb_05022019 new bigger weather icons WITH GEARS English
5c8eaec6db093_17032019 new bigger weather icons WITH GEARS Spanish


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