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Mario&Luigi (AM/PM) Version 1.0 β3
Watchface language: th
Updated: 10.01.2019 12:00
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14.12.2018 : Upload Version 1.0β Test new layout 5c12b62de252b_13122018.bin
06.01.2019 : Upload Version 1.0β2 Test show "00:00 am" with "12:00 am"
.................... 5c3125a67c66d_05012019.bin
10.01.2019 : Upload Version 1.0β3 Fix some error 5c3717d2cafd3_10012019.bin
I tried to make the weather icons show Day/Night ( Sun and moon)
Sun. = 6.00am - 5.59pm
Moon. = 6.00pm - 5.59am
But have issue at 11:00pm - 12:59am Show weather icon not true.
I tried to solt this issue but can not because no option enough to use fix this issue.

I think this is the best way for me.
it's work 91.6%.

- Must be 12H only, because using the AM PM images to create images together with the custom weather image
- Must be create a new group number (Hours) images for use together with AM PM images and custom weather image

If someone can make it's better.
Please help me fix this issue.


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