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Help with Stratos setup.

A branch of the forum to discuss everything that is connected with Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Stratos (Pace)
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Help with Stratos setup.

Post by kramer5150 » 07 Mar 2019, 16:10

I have been using a stratos since December 2018. Love it, great watch!!!

The other day I took it off the charger and noticed the bluetooth connection was not functioning. I checked my phone and BT indeed was functioning with my motorola and Fossil smart watches just fine. I also have some BT headphones that work fine. So I turned my phones bluetooth radio off and then back on, it still didn't connect to the watch.

I proceeded to clear my phones cache and reboot the phone, that didn't work.
I also rebooted the Stratos that did not work either.

I let it sit for a day thinking it might fix itself, but that didn't work.

So I did a factory reset on the Stratos. I uninstalled Amazfit watch app from my phone. Re-downloaded Amazfit watch app onto my phone, and tried re-install procedure...

I Log into the app with my password and proceed to pair the watch with the app. I get to the QR scan code on the watch, scan that with the app. The installation gets stuck there. It cycles/spins for ~20 seconds on the watch and the watch reverts back to the scan code screen. The installation can't seem to move past the scan code screen.

I can long press the power button and reboot the watch, but it still gets stuck at the scan code screen. At that point when I try and re scan with the app I get a message that the code is already scanned.

SO it seems like the watch is stuck in a software loop right after the QR scan code screen.

I can still access the watch file structure with my windows PC USB port. Is there some way to re-image the watch through my PC?... or flash a fresh firmware onto it?


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