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Watchface lists

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Watchface lists

Post by mikebounds » 07 Jan 2019, 13:03

I am trying to understand the different lists of watchfaces, so starting with the official lists there seems to be:
  1. Online in Mi Fit app where I see 15, where 2 are duplicates so only 14 unique
  2. Local in Mi Fit app which used to contain original watch face and now contains faces I select from Online faces in Mi Fit
  3. Settings on watch which contains 10 faces (plus the one currently displayed), one of which is the original watch face and none of which are in the 2 lists above - I do not need a bluetooth connection to my phone to select these faces so these seem to be permanently stored on the watch
  1. Is there an official way (using Xiaomi tools) or unofficial way to change the faces stored on my watch (list 3) - I thought I should be at least be able to change, from my watch, to the local faces (list 2)
  2. Is there an official way to change the limited 14 faces in online list in Mi Fit app (list 1) or can this only be changed by third party apps or by copying files to /Android/data/com.xiaomi.hm.health/files/watch_skin which works, but does not update image on online list and it stops selecting face in online being copied to local list (list 3)


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Re: Watchface lists

Post by asadulhuq » 14 Feb 2019, 11:06

Normally you can't change the default watch faces installed in the watch. Also you can add only one watch face replacing only one face at a time in online skin folder. So, the result is that you can add one extra custom face in your watch. However, you can store custom faces on your phone folder. Following is how you do it.
You can use "watch skin local" folder (Local
watch Face) in Mi Fit to upload custom built watch faces.

But you must edit some bytes in the .BIN file in order to make that .bin
file viewable in "watch skin local" in MiFit app.

How to modify your watchface BIN file to use in "watch skin local" of Mi Fit-

1. Download a watch face from this site which is a .bin file. Open the .bin file with HexEdit software (I use HxD Hex editor).
2. Edit the bytes 17 to 24 from
0F 00 EE 00 00 00 39 60
In Hex editor and save the modified .bin file.

How to install this watch face into the watch?

1. Go to the the android phone folder- \Android\data\com.xiaomi.hm.health\files\watch_skin_local.
2. Make a new folder in the "watch_skin_local" folder giving a name same as the .bin file (excluding .bin)
3. Save the modified .bin and the watch face imagr files into the new folder.
4. Now come out of the folder. Open MiFit app in your Android phone (wait untill sync data completes 100%) and click Profile -> Amazfit bip -> watch face settings -> Local Watch faces.
5. You will see your watch face on Local watch faces!
6. Click the desired face and then click Sync. Now the watch face will be uploaded to the watch.
7. You are done!
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Re: Watchface lists

Post by romstemp » 14 Feb 2019, 11:34

How to add your watch face in folder "watch skin local" (Local watch Face) in Mi Fit


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