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How to install watchfaces (Stratos, Pace)

This forum contains step by step guides, complete manuals and instructions.

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How to install watchfaces (Stratos, Pace)

Post by GIK-Team » 03 Jul 2018, 09:17

Installing the WFZ Watch faces via PC or Mac:
How to install?
  1. Connect your watch to the computer.
  2. Install drivers if needed (more often it is not necessary).
  3. Download watchface from our website.
  4. Copy the downloaded file to the device in the WatchFace folder (without a dot at the beginning).

Note: The downloaded file should have .wfz extension (5b3b5f453dcda_03072018.wfz).

Installing the Watch faces via AmazfitMod (Android):
  • Just use the AmazfitMod application, it already has our catalog built-in.
Note: Before installing, uninstall the official application.

Installing APK-watchfaces:
Which version to choose?
Choose PACE version if:
  • you have an Amazfit Pace Intl. / English model with stock firmware version 1.3.6d, 1.3.7, 1.3.8 (or below them)
  • you have an Amazfit Pace Chinese model with stock firmware version below 1.5.0
  • you have an Amazfit Pace with Pacefied
Choose STRATOS version if
  • you have a Stratos (obviously)
  • you have an Amazfit Pace Chinese model with stock firmware version over 1.5.0
  • you have an Amazfit Pace with any custom Rom that uses WOS2.0
How to install?
To install APK package to your Stratos you will need ONE of the following tools: If you have ADB (SDK Platform Tools) installed, you can use: "adb install <packagename>" command
Example: adb install LCD_BW_Digital_MZI_v0.4_Pace_5b60d41446581_01082018.apk
How to uninstall?
To uninstall APK package from your Stratos you will need ONE of the following tools: If you have ADB (SDK Platform Tools) installed, you can use command: "adb install <packagename>"
Example: adb uninstall com.marekzima.DigitalEssentials
Package names can be found on each watch-face description!
How to upgrade?
Unfortunately, the APK is not able to upgrade directly, you have to:
  • Uninstall APK first (take a look on "How to uninstall")
  • And then install it again (take a look on "How to install")
Some troubleshooting:

First of all we would recommend not to install too many APKs on one watches.
Just choose couple of them (I'd recommend max.5) you really use and install just them.
Uninstall all others (not used) APKs!

Here are some ideas to help you if you notice unusual behaviour after installing watch-faces:
My watch goes black after entering sleep mode
Mostly happens, when you are using PACE version instead of STRATOS version. Please uninstall and reinstall the correct APK.
My watch constantly selects the previous watch face after entering sleep mode
Sometimes it happens after first APK installation or if you have more APKs and you are trying (selecting) them.
Or, if APK has many settings and you try them.
Simply restart (Reboot) your watches it will start to work as it should.

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Install Watchfaces with the Amazfit Watch App (iOS)

Post by sergeidoc » 08 Sep 2018, 01:18

I discovered today, when I downloaded a watchface from amazfitwatchfaces.com, that it is possible to install #WFZ whatchfaces within the Amazfit Watch iOS app (not APK).

You just need to download/open the wfz archive in your iPhone web browser and then select Open in Amazfit Watch.

Also, if you have watchfaces in other apps like Google Drive, Archives or Mega, you can select the archive and use the Share or Open In option and select Copy in Amazfit Watch icon.

Once in the app:
A popup window appears, click onInstall to watch.
Then the app creates a Wifi Hotspot in the watch. Wait. If it fails make sure your watch is awake.
Click on Go to Settings, select the amazfit hotspot. Default password is 12345678.
Go Back to the app an click Connected
You will see a rainbow progress bar.
A confirmation message appears when done

It doesn’t work with other websites

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